Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
What is Continuous Professional Development (CPD)?

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) builds upon the foundational qualifications of a REPS Tunisia member, enabling their inclusion in the registry.

CPD Requirements:

All evaluated courses must be at least 8 hours in duration to ensure a thorough depth of training in the subject. You can search for evaluated training in specific areas on the REPS Tunisia website (make sure to select REPS Tunisia as the membership organization in the filter).

All CPD courses will have prerequisite qualification requirements based on the skills you will be learning in the course. For example, if you wish to attend an endorsed dance-based course, you would need to hold the Certificate in Group Exercise accredited by REPS Tunisia. All endorsed training listed on the REPS Tunisia website includes the qualification REPS members must possess before undertaking the program.

Certification and Renewal:

By opting for training endorsed by REPS Tunisia, you have the assurance that it has been independently checked for suitability, and you will receive a certificate bearing the REPS Tunisia logo. In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the training, REPS Tunisia will do their best to help you resolve any issues. When renewing, you will be required to upload your certificates on the REPS Tunisia website for verification. However, if you cannot demonstrate that you have achieved 10 points, you will be unable to renew your membership.

Qualifications recognized by REPS Tunisia have been accredited by an international awarding body to ensure quality and standards. Click here to see a list of approved training providers and the qualifications they offer, which grant entry to REPS or can add an extra category to your profile.