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Courses that wish to be reviewed by REPS Tunisia may do so by applying to REPS Tunisia through our online application, which will be available in the first half of 2020. Any provider applying will be reviewed against a comprehensive list of global best practices both for course content and assessment, as well as processes and practices.

The review process will be an annual process, with a more comprehensive review undertaken every one to three years depending on the outcome of the previous reviews.

Specifically, the review will include:
(include list of items in above document)

  1. Must be a Tunisian based legal entity. The provider must also agree to and follow all REPS processes as requested.
  2. A review of the education provider including:
    • Ownership & governance
    • the criteria for tutors and assessors and how they are appointed
    • how moderation is undertaken
    • samples of various policies (such as privacy, complaints etc)
  3. A comprehensive review of the course, including:
    • Overall structure of the course
    • Course teaching material
    • Course delivery methods (face to face and online)
    • Assessment methods (both theory and practical)

    The course and its assessments will be mapped to the REPS Tunisia standards.

Steps to
Initial enquiry – contact REPS Tunisia via
Complete the eligibility questionnaire to meet our criteria
Select the product you want and collate your evidence
Submit your application online and receive your expert evaluation report
Submission approved – external visit from REPS Tunisia

*All visit costs for REPS Tunisia management team are to be borne by the training provider

Eligibility Criteria - REPS Tunisia
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Training academies must meet the following criteria; please indicate in the answer box all the areas you comply with, providing an example of how you meet the criteria.
1. Delivering education for a period of one year (please provide an example)*
2. Have at least one academy (please provide an example)*
3. Have enrolled over 250 learners to date with proof of placing 10% in employment (please provide an example)*
4. Have modern, fully equipped facilities for training delivery and assessment, with the required teaching aids at each location (please provide an example) *
5. Have the physical and organisational structures and facilities required for a training organisation (please provide an example)*
6. Own gym facility or access to a gym facility with private hire when tutoring and assessing learners (please provide an example)*
7. Video sampling for tutoring sessions and assessment (this is for quality assurance monitoring). Recordings only need to be stored for a maximum of one month (please provide an example).*
8. Qualified Tutor, Assessor and Internal Quality Assurer (please provide numbers)*
9. Please upload a completed Biography Template and supporting certificates for each member of your delivery team*