Our Team
Dr Ali Faleh Salman

Dr.Ali is a Chairman of the Global Council of Sport Science and president of the board of The Swedish Journal of Scientific Research. Dr Ali holds a PhD in Sports Medicine/ York University (2013) and a Master’s degree in Sports Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine Umea University 2011 a Diploma from Leipzig University for physical sciences 2006. Master’s degree in physical education / Baghdad University/ college of physical education/ 2002. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in physical education / Baghdad University / college of physical education / 1995. Dr.Ali also hold a Bachelor’s degree in military sciences.


Fatiha acts as Office Coordinator for REPS Tunisia. She serves as a resource and mentor for junior employees and new team members, Fatiha also provides information and interpretation of Human Resources policies and practices, employment legislation and the College’s Collective Agreements to leaders and employees. Prior to joining REPS Tunisia, she managed the Human Resources department in small to mid-size companies in IT, engineering, and petroleum sector. REPS Tunisia is happy to have her in their team.


Ines is responsible for the renewals of members and ensuring that they are completing continuing education every year. She is also the point of contact for trainers and fitness managers if they need assistance in renewing or if they have inquiries about their membership. Her job duties include processing new applications for member services, providing information to prospective members. Ines’s ability to work with limited supervision and successfully within a team made the REPS Tunisia glad to have her with them.

Graphic Designer

Hela combines art and technology to communicate ideas through images and the layout of websites and printed pages. He is our creative wizard and we are happy to have him in our REPS Tunisia team.


Nada holds a Diploma in Business English and a Professional Masters in Translation. Nada's mission is to translate and edit all types of documents such as books, website content, files, certificates etc. ... In addition to reviewing translated texts for syntax, spelling and punctuation, maintain a truthful transfer of the meanings of the text to be translated into another language and she is responsible for reading and researching domain terms including the use of dictionaries, advanced translation tools and final project corrections. REPS Tunisia is delighted to have Nada on the team.