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REPS Tunisia Registration for Exercise Facilities

Importantly TNREPS registered exercise facility and exercise professionals registration is about the industry setting and determining its own standards, and ensuring that exercise professionals working in the industry that meet these standards are appropriately recognized.

In addition to providing a powerful and independent marketable quality mark, REPS Tunisia also provides facilities and their exercise professionals with valuable tools and resources relevant to support you and your exercise professionals to deliver the safest and most effective exercise experience to your clients and members.

REPS Tunisia is well recognized as the Tunisian standard for exercise professionals by a number of organizations including the Exercise Association of Tunisia (the industry body), Skills Active (the industry training organization for the exercise industry.

To register your facility

The fee to register an exercise facility is based on the number of exercise professionals only operating from the facility). The annual fee ranges from 600DT for small (up to 9 exercise professionals), 800DT medium (10-14), or 1000DT for a large facility (15 or more exercise professionals). Please complete all of the fields below.

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