Recognition of Prior Learning

Appreciation and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

  • Do you have professional experience in the field of fitness or possess a sports qualification?
  • Are you aspiring to become a globally recognized professional in the field of health and fitness?

If you have prior experience or qualifications, you may be eligible for recognition of your prior educational achievement.

Regarding the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

REPS Tunisia acknowledges that there are many individuals with extensive experience in health and fitness yet may lack a formally recognized qualification to join REPS Tunisia.

These individuals may include:

  • Those with international qualifications.
  • Holders of higher degrees.
  • Those with at least one year of experience without a formal qualification.

If you’re training or experience has not been recognized by Tunisia REPS, we provide an opportunity for you to recognize your prior educational achievement through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

The RPL process allows individuals with education and experience in the field of fitness to undergo a direct final assessment without the need for complete requalification. This is conducted through courses accredited by REPS Tunisia to deliver and assess qualifications.

To obtain a certificate in this category, you need to present your skills and knowledge to the REPS Tunisia accredited course provider, who will assess your compliance with the specified standards and provide the necessary support to ensure your success in the assessment.

Upon successful completion of the assessment, your chosen accredited course provider will provide you with the official qualification certificate from REPS, in addition to your personal training certificate.