We, the Global Council of Sport Sciences (GCSS), are pleased to announce that we are the third accredited agent in the Arab region and the first in Africa approved by the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPs). Today we have become the true interface that gives accreditation to sports academies, colleges, institutes and training centers. We have become a major arm and an important part of monitoring the quality of sports education and training in the world.

Another important step for the International Council of Sports Sciences in the field of sports education and training. After its launch in 2014 we took upon us the path of seriousness and hard work in order to advance in the ladder of science and professional sports training. We began planting our young seeds to be prevented after six years to ascend the platform of superiority over our peers Those who preceded us in this field for decades.

For a quick look at the comparison between us, we REPS TUNISIA, and those who preceded this superiority, both Reps UAE and Saudi Reps. Both of them are supported by the government and at the highest levels. We as the Global Council of Sport Sciences or REPS TUNISIA culminated in this distinction with individual efforts from A wonderful team of not more than 10 employees took upon themselves a great burden in order to present a valuable gift to our Arab people in general and the Tunisian people in particular.

I cannot help but extend my great thanks and great gratitude to this team, which supported me throughout my work in Tunisia, with my presence and my long absence at times. Thanks to everyone who supported me and helped me on the difficulties of this journey.

Through these lines, I would like to extend my invitation to all athletes who wish to register their names in the list of global training professionals or academies, colleges and sports institutes that aspire to high education and training, contact us to obtain international accreditation and learn about its conditions through the link of the REPS TUNISIA website English now. The Arabic and French version will be launched next week, God willing